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    piano performance requirements which are introduced, this paper is mainly introduced the environmental performance, wear resistance and hardness of the film, adhesion and durability, etc., I hope we understand the piano floor help. More knowledge of the floor, every home renovation network.Floor leather, is a paving material, belonging to plastic products, is one of the indispensable floor materials for

    modern bedroom decoration. What is the role of the bathroom floor leather, what is the paving process, see below. Introduction to the floor leather bathroom (not PVC plastic floor), is a shop floor materials, are plastic products, is an indispensable modern floor decoration floor materials, the thickness of 1.5 mm or more, resistance Wear more than 0.1, plastic floor leather is soft floor. Bathroom floor leather is

    outstanding waterproof performance of the floor leather, is a paving material, which is a plastic product, is one of the modern floor decoration materials, the thickness of 1.5 mm or more, wear-resistant layer of 0.1 or more. Second, the role of bathroom floor leather Floor leather has a good moisture barrier, to absorb the moisture inside the bathroom. It is noteworthy that you must buy genuine floor leather,

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