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    • CommentAuthorJesus
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2018
    In Path of Exile, what you most want to do in Abyss before League ends or? As for mine, make EK Poacher Nova or any other character that gets full use of Lightpoacher helmet and make broken Abyss Jewel stacking build. According to the player's comments about Path of Exile, I summed up some of their thoughts what they most want to do.

    Some of players want to make a GC mines build. It's not without flaw but due to the attention and damage potential the build has, it will get toned down. 1 shotting Elder guardians / Izaro phases is real. They also want to make a Windripper build or Shaper build. These, combined with abyss jewels dish out some insane numbers.

    Make a build that incorporates a light-poacher. Efficacy aside, it's just fun to run mid level maps and have spirit charges dissolving mobs. Craft elder / shaper poe items. You don't even really have to know much about crafting. Just find yourself a decently high iLvl base, and right click a few chaos on it.

    Give PvP a shot. PvP is another dimension of the game that seriously adds to what all you can do with your builds. There's no xp penalty for dying and it's a new game mode for folks that haven't ran a CTF or 3v3 before. In addition, the PvP community is much smaller in numbers and as a side-effect very willing to help people looking to get involved.

    Some of them want to make a Trypanon build. They think that with all the flat added damage from abyss jewels you can do some crazy stuff. People may remember the Flicker build that was linked here last week (Raider), but Glacial Hammer with AncCall/Ruthless swap is also quite nice. Jugg feels the best imho (accuracy/attack speed) but Inquisitor or Raider also can work.

    And what about you? What you most want to do in Abyss before League ends? If you've never tried Path of Exile before, now is a great time to jump in. Bear in mind that if you don't want to be left behind in the game just because of lack of orbs, you can buy poe orbs on U4GM.
    • CommentAuthorkathiya
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2018
    I could not agree with you more over this. I will be telling all my essay services mates to this in PoE before the league ends. And I am sure that majority of my mates will listen to me about this.
    I ought to now not believe in including thou greater above this. I will keep efficient all my coursework tutor mates in accordance with that of PoE earlier than the agreement ends. And I am definitive so much majority of my mates wish to listen in accordance with me respecting this.
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