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    2x4 decking cheaper than dirt

    pool deck concrete overlay

    pvc fence harga from china

    is goodThis floor is surrounded by waterproofing, as can be seen from the picture, the color of the edge of the floor is darker than other places, therefore, the floor is waterproof and the waterdrops are not easily infiltrated from the edge of the floor. 6. Back balance layer waterproof moistureThe back of the floor with moisture-proof balance layer, made

    of polymer resin material, stable and moisture-proof, to prevent the moisture into the floor, causing the floor deformation.Evaluation summary:Hunting aldehydes and flame retardant is the biggest highlight of this floor. Can effectively reduce the free formaldehyde release of the floor to prevent burns and other heat sources scalding in the geothermal

    environment is not easy to deformation than ordinary wood flooring wear resistance is also stronger. However, this floor using the lock stitching mode, the implementation of plastic-free installation, the chamfer of the gap easier to accumulate dust, although after anti-static treatment can reduce the dust fall, but still to the daily cleaning work broughttrouble.EHF801 wood-plastic floor to bring the forest home           

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