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    • CommentAuthorJesus
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2018
    In Path of Exile, I have a few ideas I may try in new League. My ideas: triple conversion Glacial cascade Trickster. Physical to cold to fire GC and then harness the void for a ton of damage if it isn't nerfed. I've just always wanted to try Skelemancer witch. Anything with Hierophant totems.

    I'd like to hear what other collectors of path of exile items is thinking of starting this new league with all these changes. So I collect some other players opinions:

    1. I'm really hoping they buff juggernaut in all the right places. There's just something about a big dude clad in metal that I've always found appealing. And as silly as it sounds I really like endurance charges for their visual feel - they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. So I'd just make up my own build and enjoy the league without min maxing.

    2. If the rework turns out disappointing though I'll probably go with something safe like spectre summoner. Was thinking hiero totems at first but I played totems as a start last league. Even with the nerf to offerings it'll still be insanely strong.

    3. I expect Jugg will get similar treatment to the other already-popular classes like Inquisitor/Guardian/Necro/Gladiator, which is to say either minor nerfs or be completely unchanged.

    4. GGG is clearly trying to shift the meta, that is to make the previously dominant or over-represented class less appealing this league so that people try new things. Jugg was already one of the most played classes in the game so I really can't see it getting any substantial buffs, and most of the nodes were already decent/usable so nothing really needs a rework either.

    5. I wonder if they will get rid of the Accuracy stuff with Jugg as it just doesn't seem to make any sense to me. Would love to see them add another theme like "movement skills" or something in its stead. Maybe create a node behind Unstoppable that gives bonuses to movement skills or bonuses if you've used a movement skill recently.

    6. I have faith that Ascendant is going to be overtuned or at least have some interesting new options. If not, Hiero totem is fine to level up and get some gear/currency for a 2nd build.

    The Bestiary content update is scheduled for release on March 2, 2018 for both PC and Xbox One. Before this, keeping an eye on poe buy chaos, you will get more gains.
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