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    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2018

    smooth garden fence supplier dubai

    plastic stead of wood in australia

    wood pvc composites

    This floor with curved smart green lock technique splicing, without glue so that each floor are closely integrated, extremely solid. In addition, the splicing slot in the floor is arc-shaped, just like a human joint. In the installation process, the arc-shaped locking buckle can automatically fine-tune the angle to adapt to the slight drop of the ground surface, thereby stabilizing the floor pavement as a whole. 4 wear resistance, can flame retardant The floor is the most outer layer of wear-resistant layer, the thickness of 0.2mm, exceptionally hard and wear-resistant and has a fire-retardant features, but also to ensure long-term use of the floor does not change color.

    The assessors scratched the surface of the key with no obvious signs of damage. This feature is not available on solid wood flooring and will greatly enhance user confidence in their use. In order to prove the fire-retardant performance of this floor, the assessor will be burning cigarettes on the floor, one minute after the cigarette can be seen at the place where the yellow tar precipitation, with a wet rag can easily wipe the tar, wipe The floor is as good as before. 5. Floor waterproof performance is good This floor is surrounded by waterproofing, as can be seen from the picture, the color of the edge of the floor is darker than other places, therefore, the floor is waterproof and the waterdrops are not easily infiltrated from the edge of the floor.

    Back balance layer waterproof moisture The back of the floor with moisture-proof balance layer, made of polymer resin material, stable and moisture-proof, to prevent the moisture into the floor, causing the floor deformation. Evaluation summary: Hunting aldehydes and flame retardant is the biggest highlight of this floor. Can effectively reduce the free formaldehyde release of the floor to prevent burns and other heat sources scalding in the geothermal environment is not easy to deformation than ordinary wood flooring wear resistance is also stronger. However, this floor using the lock stitching mode, the implementation of plastic-free installation, the chamfer of the gap easier to accumulate dust, although after anti-static treatment can reduce the dust fall, but still to the daily cleaning work brought trouble.

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