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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2018
    Xiangluo Mountain is located in the southwest of Malone County, 20 kilometers away from Malone County, Qujing 40 kilometers, 93 kilometers of the provincial capital of Kunming, the old town center 2 kilometers, Kunqu expressway, Yima highway rub the park, with very convenient Traffic, location and urban efficiency advantages.
    Covers an area of ??400 hectares, an elevation of 2010 meters, the forest coverage rate of 98%, rock steep, with incense burner Temple as the center, far-sighted like Tai Chi, near look like incense burner, Castle Peak confrontation, The two mountains are S-shaped head and tail convergence, as if the intersection of yin and yang, like a god-shaped tai chi figure, tai chi center, censer leaning against the sky, precipice cliffs, thousands of cliffs, there are caves, winding, meandering endless , Unpredictable, terrain is extremely risky, the beauty of mountains and wonders, allusions mysterious legendary, so that visitors reverie, with the old town of Kowloon Lake, Gold Coast Development Zone connected, vulgar "incense burner lean air odd Kowloon ripples show "The reputation.
    Park outstanding odd adventure, secluded two characteristics. "Cang Dan Danbi, ring thousands of miles, from the bottom, and the flat and sudden, the circling on the peak, the number of weeks around the circle, straight Xiaoxiao Han, immortal", is an accurate description of its odd Qi, positive Such as "censer" embedded wall, north, astronomy engine a column, like "incense burner" in the air, southwest imitation "Crouching Tiger" look back, northwest, like a "frog" stone, creeping; Top or along the wall and line, only one vertical and one horizontal as the "Huashan risk" of the path along the cliff.
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