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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2018

    1, wood wax wood floor more environmentally friendly: It is well known that formaldehyde and other harmful gases give the body harm is huge, wood wax oil is a new environmentally friendly wood coatings from pure natural plant oils and plant wax and other materials derived. Does not contain toxic and harmful ingredients, no pungent odor, wooden wax oil and solid wood flooring to ensure the health of users.

    2, wood wax wood flooring more beautiful and natural: wood wax oil on the solid wood floor with the formation of an open protection, so that wood can breathe freely, fully revealing the floor of the beautiful texture, does not cover the charm of wood itself, but also highlight the natural, simple Wind, more in line with the concept of modern life.

    3, wood wax oil has good permeability, wood wax oil can penetrate into the interior of solid wood flooring, giving deep moisturizing timber conservation, to minimize the possibility of floor cracking.

    4, wood wax oil can infiltrate the floor basement to form a waterproof protective film, the wax and the surface fiber phase: combined with increased waterproof, anti-friction and other functions, and contain anti-corrosion, anti-mold function. Enhance the service life of solid wood flooring.

    5, wood wax oil operation simple answer: Wood wax oil on the solid wood floor simple operation, no primer paint finish, no professional paint workers, ordinary workers can operate. Only need to stir the wood wax oil, brushing the surface of the wood, maintenance and renovation easier, just clean the surface of the house without dust, re-brush it again Yi Ze Sisi wax oil.

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