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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2018

    Waxing the number of wooden floors should not be frequent, should be appropriate for the floor waxing. Waxing can play a moisture-proof, anti-injury, increase the surface luminosity and easy to clean and so on, but if the waxing frequency is too frequent, will damage the wooden floor. Frequent waxing will lead to wax scale wax overlay, and the wax layer between the two ash layer, affecting the waxing effect.

    Now the average family are using the relatively affordable price of the floor, and strengthen the surface of the floor as a layer of aluminum oxide, moisture and other liquids do not easily penetrate the floor inside, so if the floor to strengthen the wax, wax layer can not penetrate the floor The inner layer, can only rely on the surface of the floor, people will leave a footprint when walking, a long time the surface of the floor becomes like a "big flower face" in general, affecting the floor beautiful and difficult to wipe care. Therefore, strengthening the floor should not be waxing.

    When the air is dry, laminate flooring should not be cleaned with detergent, and should not use abrasive paper polishing. Can be wiped wipe wipe, and then care solution maintenance, hard to clean the place with a special detergent to remove.

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