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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2018

    Muffle furnace is English Muffle furnace translated. Muffle is the meaning of the package, furnace is the meaning of the furnace, the furnace. Together, the two words form a muffle stove, English and box wrapped style stove. Muffle furnace in China, also known as high-temperature electric furnace, box-type electric furnace, in fact, is a universal heating equipment, can be divided into box furnace tube furnace crucible, divided into regions can be divided into domestic muffle furnace and foreign horses Fu furnace.

    According to the plus way can be divided into, electric heating, silicon carbide rod, mullite muffle furnace; Muffle furnace currently has several top problems, respectively, 1000 degrees, 1200 degrees, 1300 degrees, 1600 degrees, 1700 degrees horse Fu furnace, special purpose muffle furnace up to 2100 degrees. Divided by the controller can be divided into, pointer table, the general digital display table, PID regulation control table, the program control table, etc. from low to high muffle furnace, program control table muffle furnace is a special purpose muffle furnace to meet Personalized needs, according to your needs to design different program instructions.

    Muffle furnace main purposes: for laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises, research institutes for elemental analysis and determination of general small steel quenching, annealing, tempering and other heat treatment with heating, high temperature furnace can also be used for metal, ceramic sintering, dissolution, Analysis and other high temperature heating

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