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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2018

    1, wood floor spray before washing rice waxing matters: Of course, whether it is not waxed or old cracked composite wood floor waxing, first of all it should be cleaned, completely dry after the operation. Make at least three enlightenment waxes, rubbing the floor with a fluffy cloth or waxer each time so that the wax penetrates into the wood.

    To get a shiny effect, every time you start a wax with a soft cloth light rub polishing. Or use polyamine amine floor wax, with a clean prickly heat brush three enlightenment. Pay special attention to the floor joints.

    2, spray washing rice water waxing main steps: wood spray squirting rice water waxing method is actually very simple, the required items are washing rice water, spray water needed to spray rice watering can, the old cotton clothing.

    Dipped in water with a rag to wipe water directly on the composite wood floor, and then dry wipe. So that the dirt on the composite wood floor will automatically float to the top. Make rice bran water form a film on laminate flooring. Dry the composite wood floor and wax the composite wood floor. So wipe, waxed composite wood floor is neither bright nor clean nor slippery.

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