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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2018

    1, the composite floor will change with the temperature and humidity changes its moisture content, affecting the expansion of the composite floor expansion. So to maintain the indoor humidity, not too dry or humid, the best humidity of 40% to 80%.

    2, laminate flooring should avoid or reduce sun exposure, prevent strong ultraviolet radiation caused by the aging of the composite laminate pre-aging, laminate flooring is to strengthen the surface fade or gloss.

    3, Daily cleaning of laminate flooring is very easy, just vacuum cleaner, ~ wet cloth, mop can be wiped, pay attention to the mop is not too wet, should be wrung dry use.

    4, laminate flooring surface has a very thin layer of crystalline aluminum oxide wear layer, wear layer damage will result in damage to the laminate floor, therefore, such as laminate flooring accidentally being nail polish, ink, wine, etc. Pollution, immediately with a nail polish remover and other cleaning agents scrub clean. Do not use sandpaper polished, with caution cleaners and other chemicals, do not wax, paint, in order to prevent damage to the laminate floor surface wear layer.

    5, is the natural enemies of wood flooring, laminate flooring must also pay attention to the use of waterproof, laminate flooring surface once there is water, should be promptly cleaned. If some of the reinforced laminate flooring is damaged and needs to be updated, the damaged part should be removed and reinstalled according to the installation procedure. Pay attention to the handling of the old and new laminate flooring. The adhesive of the old laminate flooring should be removed.

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