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    are mainly used in large-span housing, venues, factories, warehouses, roof construction; 2. Floors are mainly used in steel floors, frame structure floors, and steel beam welding Solid, good integrity. 3. Wall panels are mainly used in wall insulation wall construction, interior wall partition, frame or steel wall construction. Process Flow 1. Process Construction Preparation Flat hoisting board welding fixed vertical

    board installation gutter board installation seam processing overall cleaning 2. Operating points (1) The installation of the plate includes: preparation work in place, according to the site Conditions using lifting hoisting space board. In accordance with space plate reserved hanging hole, set four lifting points lashing and hanging, and in the sling slippery rope, manually control the ground in the lifting and positioning of

    the space board rotation. (2) lifting order. The space board should be hoisted across from the one side of the roof to the other side. In each cross-installation, in order to prevent the roof girder uneven force, it should be from the cornice to the ridge symmetry hoisting board. Space board initially in place, should hold the sling to maintain the stability of the board, and then use the crowbar to adjust the position of

    new and used redwood composite decking

    how to add a backrest to existing bench

    sand and plastic roofing board

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