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    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2018

    high-rise buildings, light geology and beach, beach and other buildings. Frame connection has good seismic performance, light wall quality, earthquake wall collapse, not easy to cause personal injury. 5. Surface decorative good wall surface smoothness, after the seam can be directly attached wallpaper, wall tiles and spray. 6. Low overall cost Due to the light beam column foundation load, the construction is

    rapid and the cycle is short, and the total equivalent price of the project is reduced by 20% than the clay brick and hollow block brick. 7. Environmental protection and energy saving Waste wallboard material does not contain toxic and harmful substances, but also waste energy, is a green product. 8. Increase the usable floor area of ??the wall can increase the use of more than 8-10% of the area, real estate

    development buyers and sellers are willing to accept. This product is unique in technology, scientific formula, easy to operate, the product quality supervision departments of China Academy of Building Research, National Building Materials Industry Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center of the test, have reached the national standard requirements. The main purpose 1. Roof panels, grid panels

    pictures of backyard decks

    floating timber floor

    rustic look composite fence

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