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    sufficient. 3, the best thickness of the anodized plate The best thickness of the anodized plate is 0.6 mm. Anodized plate made of all-metal material, the surface without any coating, it can be 0.6. Gusset plate price Gusset plate price: Gusset plate, is a new type of decorative materials, forming (84C type, 40F type, 77 right-angle wind type, etc.) after the galvanized color coated steel plate and the corresponding

    buckle composition. Caigang gusset extremely low cost, cost only 30 yuan per square. Plywood installation 1, pvc gusset ceiling installation process pvc gusset ceiling installation process: PVC gusset keel placed horizontal �� determine the direction of plate and keel installation �� installation of hanging tendons, hanging �� installation of the main keel �� mounting side keel �� installation triangle Keel �� install

    PVC gusset �� cleaning protection �� acceptance 2, pvc gusset ceiling installation steps (1) According to the design elevation on the wall around the line, the line should be clear, the location is accurate, the level of tolerance �� 5mm. (2) The keel is fixed along the elevation line. The side keel functions as the sealing of the edge of the ceiling. The common specification of the side keel is 25 * 25mm. The color of

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