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    • CommentTimeMar 3rd 2018

    the roof to release the hook when the control line requirements, welding fixed. Roof adjustment should meet the requirements of deviation and shelving length, width should be �� 30 mm. (3) welding. The space plate is in place and the side ribs are welded to the roof truss. The space plate and the truss are guaranteed to be welded at three points. The length of the welding seam is more than 60mm and the

    height is 6mm. After welding a space board, clean the coating of the weld and brush the anti-rust paint. (4) vertical plate installation. After all the roof slabs are installed, the risers will be hanged to the roof to disperse and pile up to prevent the local load of the roof slab from being damaged too much. According to the location of the reserved hole, set the line along the long side of the roof, move the vertical plate

    to the hole, adjust the vertical plate according to the line, and then fix it with the steel beam to complete the installation of one vertical plate. According to this method, the vertical plates in the long-side direction of the roof are fixed one by one along the pass lines, and then the vertical plates are installed along the short sides of the roof to allow the vertical plates to be welded together with the steel beams,

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