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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2018

    Solid wood flooring problems in the actual use of 85% of the problems caused by improper installation, 10% are due to improper use, only 5% of the floor itself is the production and processing issues. Visible, paving process adding fence to existing fence is reasonable or not affect the floor effect of the most important factor. So, floor laying process should be avoided what wrong way? The more common method of laying the keel, for example, mainly in the following categories: The ground is not smoothing The uneven ground will make part of the floor and the keel vacant, stampede will sound.

    Wood keel is not moisture-proof treatment Now the construction is usually made of pine sawing planing non-drying keel, about 30 days in advance fixed to the ground, ground and keel is not laid between the decking square meter price moisture barrier. To the paved floor, do not check the keel moisture directly on the laying. In fact, when the moisture content of the keel is usually about 25%, while the water content of qualified wood flooring is generally about 12%, the humidity difference over the General Assembly to quickly absorb moisture wooden floor, causing the floor arching and accompanied by paint burst phenomenon.

    Wood keel fixed with nails Construction of wood with wedges and nails fixed way, will result in wedges and nails contact surface is too small to make nail strength is not enough, can easily lead to wooden keel loose, will walk on the floor will be There is noise. Assembled too loose or too tight wood floor expansion, contraction is with the ambient waterproofing birdcage floor temperature and humidity changes. Therefore, in the development of wood flooring pavement program, should be based on the use of places where the ambient temperature and humidity levels to reasonably arranged wood flooring assembly tightness. If too loose, there will be a larger floor shrinkage gap, too tight, the floor will be arch when the expansion.

    Decoration construction Cross construction construction first lay wooden floor, and then in the floor surface to engage in other construction projects, which is the current practice of renovation team. In this way, the floor after paving, it often takes a month or longer to polish paint. During this period, the floor and the surrounding water vapor, chemicals without any isolation measures, is likely to opaque wood plastic for fencing lead to wood flooring due to drastic changes in moisture content and deformation, cracking.

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