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    Seven real PK8171a wood floor floor enjoy a large family live music Soaring prices, many young people are now more than 80 small apartment dwelling preference. Although the small size of the small space some more, but if you Fanfan mind, small size decoration will look more compact, exquisite, exquisite and unique charm. But not all of the building materials are suitable for small apartment decoration! Do you want to pick out the texture floor size brand suitable for that one? Do you want to choose a stylish multi-functional cloakroom for your small home? Evaluation Center hereby launch the "Secret small apartment building materials" series of theme evaluation, teach you how to choose small units of decoration materials, creating a fun little space, the challenge of small apartment decoration limit.

    If you choose a small apartment because of the price, there is absolutely no need to be discouraged because the home concept itself is not limited to the size of the house, but more importantly, to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere and a sense of your own and refined . Just like the words in the sketch: concentrated are the essence. Therefore, no matter the size, must have content, do not be empty, home to become a home. Today to give everyone a measure of small size, delicate texture, elegant color is very suitable for small apartment floor, seven real PK8171a Lok Wook series of plastic flooring. Assessment details: 1. The texture is exquisite, the color is elegant This floor gives the first impression is elegant, sophisticated, low-key. Its bare wood is very close to the color, natural and fresh, and moderate specifications, these two features are very suitable for small apartment building materials.

    Space itself is small, if the choice of darker color of the floor, prone to a sense of oppression, as overly plump women prefer to use dark clothes to modify their own, white and other light-colored kind of visual extension, can Make your bedroom look a lot bigger. 2 wear resistance, small space as you ride Assessment staff repeated key scraping back and forth on the floor, after the test there is no scratch on the floor, we can see the wear resistance is good. Among the three kinds of flooring, the wear resistance of wood-plastic floor itself is the best, with �� 9000 turn in public places, home with �� 6000 turn, seven true PK8171a floor is a household floor, the floor behind the very clearly marked tolerance Mill rotation number. House space is small, the floor was "patronized" the opportunity and time is more, so choose a good wear-resistant floor for no time to take care of the floor of the user is a good choice. Floor of the floor markings ? 3 floor dirty, easy to clean For families with children, painting may be a routine, hard to paint on the wall, and relatively easy on the floor.

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