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    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2018

    Detection of ground moisture content, the average ground should be less than 20%, floor heating of the floor should be less than 10%. If the ground moisture content is too high, the floor easily absorb water swelling, resulting in arching, drumming and other issues. Check the ground is dry, smooth, solid, should ensure that the surface of the ground every 2 meters height difference is not more than 3mm. Before paving the floor, the floor should be laid flat at room temperature for 48 hours, to adapt to the installation environment temperature and humidity. Do not erect or tilt the floor against the wall.

    Floor and wall, columns and other fixed objects must be set aside 8-10mm expansion joints, the length and breadth of any side of more than 8m of the ground, leaving more than the length of the floor between the two 8-10mm additional expansion joints. Floor installation should start from the upper left corner of the room, floor tenons against the wall, and walls, pipes and other fixed objects should be set aside for the reservation of 8-12mm seam, and the use of wedges for positioning.

    It is best to stagger a distance of not less than 30 cm between the ends of each floor. In the bathroom, balconies and other places easily accessible by the damp, the floor should be waterproof isolation treatment, to ensure impermeability. The best way to install the floor is parallel to the direction of most of the light coming in through the window, or parallel to the longer walls of the living room.

    Note that the floor can be installed on a plumbing floor but not on a warm floor. The last piece of the floor to be installed in each row should be saw out of the last piece of extra parts, sawing the excess part should be more than 30cm, can be used for the beginning of the next row of the installation.

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