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    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2018

    In the daily maintenance of the floor, cleaning is a necessary item. Rainy weather, humidity, should not be mopped with water or damp mop, to avoid the floor is too wet, the general stains can be treated with a soft dry rag, encountered must be cleaned with water stains, it is recommended to use soaked wet wipers do not drip clean . Grazed the best floor immediately open the doors and windows, let the air circulation, dry the floor. In damp weather, wipe it with a dry cloth and dehumidify with air conditioning.

    Commercially available wood flooring for moisture-proof membrane can be pasted on the surface of the wooden floor, can play a wooden floor surface insulation to prevent damp wood surface effect. Moisture-proof film to a certain thickness, the general thickness of the stack of 5 to 10 mm or so, and in the laying of moisture-proof film to take into account the location of the wall feet, so as to effectively prevent the infiltration of moisture from the ground into the wood floor.

    Waxing can not only make up for daily use to the wood floor scars left to enhance the brightness of the floor, while the wax itself has waterproof and moisture-proof function. The number of waxing varies according to the floor. The new wood floor waxes once every half month or month, and after three or four consecutive waxes, it can be played every six months. In addition to waxing, but also regular maintenance of essential oils on the floor to enhance the stability of the floor, to avoid absorbing moisture.

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