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    strength (mpa): ��0.2. Tensile strength (mpa): �� 0.10. Thermal storage strength W (m2.k): �� 0.95. Softening coefficient (%): ��0.6. Water absorption (V / V /%): �� 10. Frost resistance (mass loss:%): ��5. Radioactive (IRa): ��1.0. Internal insulation system requirements Ir: �� 1.0. Combustion performance: A-level non-combustible. 1, the installation of cement foam board 1, the standard size of the

    standard board 300 * 300, the diagonal error of less than 3mm, cutting can be used for small cutting saw cutting, insulation board size allowable deviation of �� 2. 2, the grid cloth turn package: door and window openings, deformation joints on both sides of the sticky grid cloth, the total width of about 200, part of the width of the package is 80, the specific practices are as follows: grid cutting length of 180

    plus plate thickness. First in the flip package wipe the length of 80 for the width of 2 dedicated adhesive, and then pressed into 80 long mesh cloth, the rest thrown aside. 3, the configuration of the special adhesive coated in the back of the composite foam cement board, the adhesive compaction thickness of about 3, in order to ensure a solid bond, it is best to use a full dip method can also be used sticky

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