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    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2018

    cement insulation board on both sides of a brush interface agent, and then coated with a special adhesive to make it firmly bonded. Five, wipe the bottom polymer mortar 1, the configuration of polymer mortar with a special binder. 2, the polymer mortar configured spread evenly on the board, the thickness of 2 six, press into the grid cloth 1, the grid should be cut according to the length and width of the

    face, and should set aside the overlap width. Mesh cutting should be carried out along the latitude and longitude. 2, in the doors and windows and other openings around the grid cloth, all four corners should be attached to a layer of grid cloth to strengthen the entire grid should be around the hole in the package and additional mesh cloth above. 3. Apply polymer mortar on the front and sides of the extruded

    board at the entrance to the hole and the mesh cloth. (Extruded polymer mortar is only allowed at the edge of the extruded board here). Will be thrown before the grid cloth flip along the thickness, and pressed into the polymer mortar. 4, the entire grid cloth along the horizontal direction Beng straight, pay attention to the mesh cloth curved side inwards, with a trowel from the middle up, the next two sides of

    interior bathroom wall paneling

    pricing difference between wood deck and envision

    building a deck around 27ft pool

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