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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2018

    5, I have set up the Wholesale 305W 310W 315W 320W Poly Solar Panel 320W Poly Solar Module For Home Solar System according to the instructions, why my computer's dial-up connection shows can not be connected, the remote server does not respond?

    A: Please keep in mind that using a router does not require you to connect to a dial-up connection on your computer. The router has already completed this step for you. You just need to open the web page directly to access the Internet.

    6, the router has a quick way to set it?

    A: After logging in to the router, select "Settings Wizard - PPPOE - Enter Broadband Account Number and Password - Next" to confirm. Specific differences due to different router manufacturers, can refer to the instructions of the router.

    7, I am in the computer's browser, enter the router's set address, why prompt dial-up connection?

    A: Check the IE browser settings, "Internet Options --- connection --- dial-up and virtual private network settings", select "Never dial-up connection."

    8, how to see my China Manufcture Arc 250 Mosfet Inverter Welding Machine Grating Machine Spot Welding Machine Price has been rub network, how many computers or mobile phones connected?

    A: Log in to the router, enter the "DHCP server" --- "client list" view.

    9, after using the router to access the Internet, slow down the speed should be how to do?

    Answer: You can solve this problem step by step through the following methods, but first you need to pay attention to: Thunder, BT download unit is byte (Byte), and the application of broadband is a bit (bit), 1Byte = 8bit, such as The download rate is 1MB / S, multiplied by 8, converted to 8Mbps, which is 8M broadband.

    (1) Confirm the specific phenomenon of slow speed.

    Disconnect the other computers under the router (wired and wireless clients), ensure that only one computer is connected to the router under the router, and open the speed test page ( provided by the router home to perform the network speed test. Under normal circumstances, test out the network speed will be close to your application of the bandwidth, if the test out of the network speed is significantly lower than the bandwidth you apply, please contact the broadband service hotline, broadband maintenance staff will come to your door for testing to see if there is What other problems. After reconnecting the router, if the tested network speed is obviously lower than the bandwidth value you applied for, proceed to the next step.

    (2) Check the settings on the router.

    Check whether the IP bandwidth control function is enabled on the Hot Sale! Mini Solar Home System, Mobile Home Solar Panel System. If yes, disable this function and confirm the speed of the test again.

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