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    • CommentTimeMar 8th 2018

    method and Article point method. 4, the sticky method: with a tooth trowel knife special adhesive horizontal direction evenly wiped foam board, width 10, thickness 10, in the distance 50. 5, the point of law: with a trowel in the middle of each board and wipe special adhesive, and then in the foam cement partition wipe diameter 50, the thickness of 10 ash cake. 6, will be good for a special binder foam cement

    insulation board quickly affixed to the wall, in order to prevent the surface of the skin and lose the role of bonding. 7, foam cement insulation board stick to the wall, the application of 2 meters by foot pressure flat operation, to ensure its smoothness and paste firmly between the plate and the plate to squeeze tight, no seams, because the cut does not form the gap, Insert and smooth with adhesive. Each

    sticky finished a plate, should be squeezed out of the surface of the special adhesive removal. 8, foam cement paste should be sub-section from the bottom up along the horizontal direction of the horizontal pavement, each row of board should be wrong slot 1/2 board length, the local minimum of not less than 100 wrong slot. Second, the installation of fixed parts 1, the fixed parts in the foam cement insulation

    composite wooden floor plank

    deck board installation cost

    who do you recommend for wood flooring perth

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