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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeMar 14th 2018

    to the greatest extent possible Industry enterprises to provide information exchange, product display, business talks, trade cooperation stage. Second, the fourth exposition will join hands with Confucius, the first Chinese drama of humanity,wood fiber plastic composite clean to integrate the traditional wooden flooring industry with traditional Confucianism. This will not only improve and perfect the quality of the horizontal forest floor but also improve the quality of the floor- Publicity platform and multi-angle propaganda channels to further expand the influence and visibility

    of the brand of Henglin flooring. Wang Lin floor and 'Confucius' hand announced the launch of a group photo three interactive, one is the fourth (China �� Wang Lin) International Flooring Expo and the Shanghai International Exhibition of flooring materials, the interaction between the two sides will be more open and tolerant attitude and For the industry to provide more attentive service starting in the investment, publicity, service and exhibition time integration and convergence, for industry professionals and international buyers to create more exciting industry event.plastic temporary flooring systems The second is to strengthen the industrial base of wood flooring and flooring materials at home and abroad, the interaction between the industry,

    Heng Lin will use the platform Henglin International floor this professional platform for the fourth (China �� Wang Lin) International Flooring Expo, so that the horizontal forest of this ' China Laminate Flooring 'more comprehensive and in-depth to create an international exhibition event. On the other hand, the horizontal floor will be a unified regional image,outdoor composit floor with a total of 2500 square feet, the overall show in Shanghai show site, on a larger platform with the industry to carry out multi-level, all-round interaction. Third, the interaction between

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