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    silicate floor slab) , it is to use increase the silicon after arousing an agent, aluminous, magnesian simple stuff and plant fiber (basically be straw fiber) mixture agitate, composite non fading deck boards with classics of fibre glass cloth roller pressing shapes, what make via high temperature conserve again is compound board. It overcame other plank to float frost is returned bittern, warpage and corrode the

    malpractice such as the metal. buy vinyl wear layer flooring online Introduce according to this company controller, this product already quality of housing materials of national fire prevention is supervised detect province of center, Sichuan builds scientific academy to detect eligible. The Chinese cement industry of new century will still is the sunny industry that is full of light inside a advantages of wpc dustbin few years when can foreknow. The

    abidance that is based on economy of our country countryman and urban and rural construction develops quickly, will bring exuberant and abiding demand for cement staining wood composite materials industry. But satisfy this kind of requirement, it is the qualitative growth that rise and is not simple quantity above all, because arduous and onerous structural adjustment mixes this cement industry,optimize upgrade the task

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