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    This censer also has a unique feature, that is, blue and white glaze hair color is relatively pure. From the end of the Jiajing period in the late Ming Dynasty, the green materials were transported back and forth from the Western Regions and matched with Jiangxi's Shi Ziqing as the color of the blue and white flowers. If the ratio of green material is slightly higher, for example, the blue color will be bright and bright. If the stone material is used more, the color will be grayish blue. Due to the high price of green materials, Shi Ziqing used the paintings to decorate the paintings from the end of Wanliian to Tianqi. The blue-and-white color of the blue-and-white flower on this stove is bright and fresh, and should be the artifact of the middle and early Wanli period.
    The new melamine is so bright that it looks "false." In order to simulate the "real" point, manufacturers often use polishing methods, that is, using potatoes or skins, and constantly rubbing them until they reach the matt effect. Unfortunately, this practice often leaves traces of friction on the porcelain surface. This censer is different in that it has a higher temperature during firing and is evenly distributed. The glaze has been pleasing to the eye, and it has been tempered by nature for hundreds of years. It is also a treasure trance. It is naturally different from the new imitations. .

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