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    the highway hub, water and land transportation convenient. Editorial comment: Kyrgyzstan, as Asia, blessing and other fiberboard brand in the industry are very good, need to buy fiberboard friends, you can refer to the fiberboard ten brands, Xiaobian temporarily recommend here, I hope you Fibreboard purchase help, if you need to know more fiberboard knowledge, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration

    network.Integrated board is also called plywood, home decoration is a common decorative material, many of my friends may not know much about the integrated board, let's take a look at the integrated board features and classification. First, the integrated board features 1, timber from the solid wood short materials produced into the required size and shape specifications, so that small material big use, bad material

    superior use. 2, Gluing material Remove the knot, decay and other wood defects before gluing, so as to create the material with less defects. With panels, wood defects can be dispersed even though there are still wood defects. 3, Glulam retains the natural wood texture, appearance beautiful. 4, Glulam raw materials after full drying, even if the large cross-section, long size wood, the moisture content of each part is still

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