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    Strengthen the floor does not need waxing, laminate flooring is divided into surface wear layer, the substrate layer and the bottom three-layer structure, the surface wear layer of aluminum oxide, with high wear resistance and protection, so relative to Solid wood and other flooring, laminate flooring to protect itself more stringent surface, do not need 'more'.
    And after waxing, cleaning the floor later intensified more troubles. In addition, there is no need to wax warm floor to prevent the wax layer barrier to warm the heat distribution.

    Floor waxing is not the better, the floor waxing is not the use of wax as possible, because if the wax is too much, but will fill the gap affect the appearance, can also cause uneven polishing, affecting the floor brightness. Therefore, the floor waxing wax enough to cover the surface of the floor to form a uniform wax film can be. In addition, the floor waxing is not the more frequently the better, the general solid wood flooring hit once every six months.

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