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    • CommentAuthorrevlib24
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2018 edited

    I used to think before, that for as long that you have the feeling for each other, then Its enough for a relationship. but then later that I realize that there is more to a relationship than just love. in particular when it comes to sex. women like it more or enjoying it more when you pleasure them longer. It not just about yourself, we should bear in mind that It's not that easy to please a woman. of course, they say they love men more who have a better package that other who has only an average one. My question Is _ Is there really a device or a pill that helps Men have bigger and thicker package or this just a myth? I really don't believe that using a straightening or extender device would help either. Maybe a surgery but Its also a risk to your health plus considering the expenses or the financial factor involved.

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