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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2018
    <p>the choice of insulation film to see transparency Transparency film not only has a heat insulation effect, but also can not block the line of sight, whether it is the color or thickness of the film, should maintain 90% clarity, and paste After going up, you must be able to see the scenery outside clearly. Insulation When we purchase the film, we can place the <a href="">disadvantages of wooden pannel</a> film on the hand and then in the sun for a while to see if the film is well insulated. In the summer, the UV rays will be high. If the UV protection effect of the film is poor, it is easy to damage the furniture in the room, and it is easy to burn the skin of the person.</p><p> Therefore, the UV blocking rate of the film is required. Up to 98%. Look at the brand's good thermal insulation film must pass the test of the relevant quality inspection department of the country. The poor quality film of the brand is often not qualified enough, so we should buy the brand product <a href="">homemade decking cleaner for trex decking</a> when purchasing, so it is more secure.</p>
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