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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2016

    is there an old man or a child in the family? If there are old people or children in the home, it is recommended to shop floor bar! Tiles a little careless moistened with water, it is easy to slip, one not careful it is easy to tumble, young people could live, children, old people, injured arm leg on the loss of big, floor tile than the floor hard!

    living room lighting is better? If your living room lighting is not very good, the light is relatively dark, it is still laying the floor bar! Originally the light is dark, then covered with cold tiles, interior is more sinister. Instead, choose neutral colors of floor can not only expand the visual effect of the living room, in the sun shine also highlights the warm feeling of. Is your living room area large enough?
    If your living room area of about 20 square meters and below, it is recommended that the living room, bedroom, study and shop the same material. In this way, with the eyes of the visual space, the whole family will make the sense of space is more generous, open!

    home whether there is geothermal? If you plan to install geothermal, it is recommended that you shop floor it! Floor heat conductivity, heat dissipation can be much better than the cold floor tiles. Moreover, if after a few years of geothermal point out what problems need to repair, the floor can be disassembled, tiles can only buy it knocked back.
    Is your budget adequate? If your money is more adequate, then the shop does not matter what the so-called. If the budget is not too much, then it is shop floor bar. A lot of people think that the floor tiles are cheap, in fact, with cement sand and artificial, is not cheaper than the floor, but also in the high-end floor price, may not be able to buy in the high-end floor tiles. Do you have a plan for two times in five years? If three five years after your visual fatigue, and would like to love the home for a style or grade, then the floor tiles are difficult, if it is to move to a new home, it is almost impossible to use the two has been almost impossible.

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