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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2016

    Material-transformation insulation and other materials, and other materials as insulation material density difference is too large, which determines the elastic modulus and the linear expansion coefficient between the materials is not the same at a temperature stress of deformation different, very easy to crack the surface layer in these parts. It should also be considered waterproof, preventing moisture intrusion into the insulation system, to avoid freeze up action resulting from the normal life durability breaking system, the impact victorian floor tiles of the system and the system. 3, no net - Polystyrene Exterior Insulation Wall Decorated with Paste tile defects: From the structural design point of view, directly in the fiberglass mesh composite Plaster no net - Polystyrene Exterior Insulation outside

    Tile is unreasonable. On the one hand, to see the situation from the force applied to the outer insulation polystyrene board usually adopts point bonding method, a bonded area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 35%, while the polystyrene board itself has a force-deformation characteristics, to withstand brick directly from polystyrene board facing layer (including adhesive mortar) loading, creep is bound to happen in the short term may not be a serious accident, but long-term will lead to deformation of the force imbalance causing cracks or even fall off. On the other hand, from the wind pressure point of view, there is a paste polystyrene board insulation system cavity, especially the wind pressure difference between the performance of the anti-negative pressure occurs when the wind is strong polystyrene board scraped off event. Third, from the point of view of fire performance.

    overall system itself communicates the air layer exists, the fire was composite porch deck flooring Sri Lanka quickly formed a "pilot channel" is the fire spread rapidly. Polystyrene board exterior insulation system quickly shrink at high temperature radiation, sintering, flame burning in the state, that is, when the fire broke out, polystyrene board exterior insulation system will soon be destroyed. In this sense, the polystyrene board insulation system surface layer of tile approach is very dangerous state polystyrene board under fire after severe heat deformation, so that the loss of relying on the tile floor, tile layer, causing the overall loss caused personal injury .

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