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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2016

    February 2, 2016, in Guangzhou, China, a media photographer in Guangzhou Railway Station ready to use aerial drones Spring Festival passenger flow. "Technically, not a one hundred percent UAVs mature product manufacturers are not repeatedly reminded users pay attention to safety, but treat it as a toy to promote the popularity of this idea is very scary."

    The Federal Aviation Administration Strict consumer drones, the need to take seriously consumer drones, it is not a toy model is not unfair user will face legal penalties. Lei Jun is known as "Dragonfly" millet UAV debut live, in the evening of 25 May 2016 23 am staged. Allows the operator of the UAV Tang Yang millet technology product manager for public relations embarrassment, "Dragonfly" fly in the night sky in less than two minutes to suddenly fall, followed by a scene of the "rush to live off," "Dragonfly "disappears from the live shot, leaving tens of thousands of users Tucao and banter.

    After seeing the first flight of UAV millet live video, May 26, netizen "Year 1874" entitled "be careful to buy 2499 yuan millet drones! Serious consequences than you think" microblogging article said, "I seriously despise all manufacturing, propaganda millet UAV employees and navy. you are in the murder." the article questioned the presence of security risks and other issues millet UAVs. Less than 24 hours, the amount of text to read more than 3.2 million domestic consumer drones security risks and regulatory issues, including unmanned aerial vehicles, including millet brought to the cusp. [url=]USA seller with fast shipping for Auto LED Bulbs[/url]

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