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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2016
    Floor color as an important factor in consumer purchase consideration floor, color floor also directly affect the decoration style. This summer the main floor of what color is it?

    Xiao Bian visited the major home stores, read a lot of flooring brands are out of the light-colored flooring, natural texture tranquil based, highlighting the fresh and light colors, summer home improvement to bring cool feeling. Stitching design personality in power due to the continuous development of the flooring industry, commonplace floor has been difficult to meet people's needs.

    Currently, many brands have begun in the design of the floor enough effort, mosaic floor with a variety of patterns, colors decoration nowadays become a favorite of consumers. Individual needs becoming more mainstream, the floor of choice for today's life, of course, is no exception. Monotonous floor can play a character, to create a special part of your Smart Space. Many parquet flooring is natural stone powder of the core material, according to criss-cross the wood molding resin hot glue, the use of force between the layers contain each other, so that the increased stability of the floor.

    What floor is the most suitable for your home decoration, the floor is what you want it to pick laminate flooring first look at is whether the floor surface gloss, the pattern is symmetrical;? Is there a spot, stain, whether neat interface without damage, if there are details in this regard, it is best not to choose. Decorative surface layer in the choice depends on the degree of wear, when the degree of wear at 6,000 rpm, you can rest assured that choice.

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