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    • CommentAuthorqzz10011
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2016

    Household cleaning must be the most important cleaning and maintenance of the floor. Because most expensive flooring, paintwork and delicate vulnerability, in order to maintain the original home of the floor texture and natural colors, replace outdoor composite benches slats proper cleaning, and maintenance methods and therefore become most concerned about the topic. Today, we introduce some good ways to properly clean and maintain wooden floor paint, can make it to shine, to achieve the effect of light can Kam.

    First, whether it is wood flooring or solid wood floor paint, do not use detergents when cleaning soiled wet mop to wipe directly, so the moisture will penetrate through the surface cracks in the floor, paint damage to the floor at the corner and the inner layer, causing the floor warped, moldy after the decay and waxing wax layer can not be completely attached (a little bit of white spots on the floor) and so on. You should use a professional cleaning and maintenance products,uae making tha wpc board can effectively keep the floor of the original texture and warm natural colors, and after cleaning there is no smell, no sticky feeling. General floor cleaning and maintenance, according to the floor material, select the appropriate floor cleaner, prior to use, in accordance with the degree of dirt, the amount of floor cleaner diluted poured into the bucket, and then by the direction of the indoor mop mopping the floor toward the door.

    If a corner or floor joints and other more difficult to clean the place, you can use an old toothbrush dipped directly to floor cleaners scrub remove stubborn dirt, it can also directly to the floor cleaner poured onto cloth. Need to be reminded: the higher the surfactant concentration somewhat cleaner after using these cleaners on the ground,wood plastic exterior door Application semi-wet ground would be more exposed to dust. So pay special attention to the selection of products have a good reputation. If you want to let the stone floor after cleaning, but also with a gleaming, shiny effect, may wish to use floor cleaning agent having a light water wax formula, as long as any of its air dry after use. Cleaning and maintenance of wooden floors, wooden floors should not wipe with a wet mop directly, you should use special wood floor cleaner to allow the floor to maintain the original moist texture and prevent dry wood.

    Because too much moisture will penetrate into the inner layer wooden floor, causing the floor moldy, even rot. When using floor cleaners, should try to wring the mop. If the wood floor surface no more waxing should not be exposed to water, floor tiles design for outdoor preferably in an inconspicuous place to try it out, sure no problem and then use a large area. If you want to avoid long-term tread wear floor, keep the floor shiny for a long time, it is necessary to clean the floor and then a layer of wood floor wax maintenance agents.

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