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    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2016
    1, ground water absorption, different cracking, mildew, aging, resist pests, easy to install, low maintenance, no painting, anti-UV, anti-skid.
    2, molding itself is recycled polyethylene (PE) was added over the wooden wastes generated from wood fiber, uniformly mixed and formed via extrusion processing; and finished products after years of customer use, if the customer wishes to remove or replace, It can be recycled to regenerate the original manufacture of granulated material molding, called the ultimate expression of environmentally friendly building materials.
    Feature Comparison with logs Description:
    1, with a natural appearance of wood, texture.
    2, good dimensional stability than wood, no wood knots.
    3, will not crack, warp, not easily deformed, the product can be made into a variety of colors, surface without the protective paint, but by user preferences, like any color on the paint.
    4, another timber due to the requirements of age, shall be installed after the cut before soaking with preservatives to resist mold, termites and other microorganisms erosion; but logs after customers, often in the near future will release toxic (preservative agent), and an inflow of soil caused by human contact, forming secondary pollution and environmental harm to human body.
    5, do not have to worry about for many years due to decay and reduce the structural strength, resulting in risk factors.

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