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    Another MBOX to PST Converter software which can easily repair and recover corrupted MBOX file as well as convert MBOX file into new PST file format.It can help to convert Thunderbird, Entourage, Spicebird, Pocomail, AppleMail, Eudora, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Netscape, ClawsMail, OperaMail, Mozillamail, Evolution, Sylpheed, Cone, Mutt, Gnu Mail clients to PST.

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    Use convert MBOX to PST, all-in-one software with simple interface. The tool offers several file saving options and allow to transfer MBOX file to PST, Office365 and EML file types with attachments. It is compatible with various versions of Windows OS, including Windows 10 (both 32-bit and 64- bit).

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    Powerful application for converting MBOX files of these email clients such as Entourage, Netscape, Poco male, Spicebird, Apple Mail, Postbox, Mac mail, seaMonkey, Opera mail into Outlook PST format, This application also convert corrupt or damaged MBOX into PST files.

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    • CommentAuthordavefrey
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2016
    To convert MBOX file to PST format, Use MBOX to PST Converter application smoothly transfer or move all emails and other MBOX files of Apple Mail to Outlook PST format within few clicks. Visit here:
    • CommentAuthorJerryBand
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2017
    There are two methods available for conversion of MBOX to PST Such as: Manual Solution and Third Party Application. I suggest before using any third party tool, you can try a manual solution first. In Manual process user can easily transfer all mailbox data of an MBOX file to Outlook PST format without any data loss.
    Follow the link of manual processes:-
    • CommentAuthorlincolnd
    • CommentTimeJan 13th 2017 edited
    MBOX files are supported by various email clients, such as Thunderbird, Entourage, AppleMail, Netscape, Spicebird, Pocomail, MozillaMail, Evolution, OperaMail, Incredimail, ClawsMail, Sylpheed, SeaMonkey, Mulberry, Eudora, etc. If you were previously using any of these email clients and now want to switch to Outlook client, you'll definitely need to perform MBOX to PST conversion. You can't import or export MBOX file directly to Outlook client as it doesn't support MBOX format. Microsoft doesn't provide any tool to import MBOX file to Outlook nor it recommends any trick for this. In such situation, you must use a professional solutions. There are many software vendors in the market which provide you such solutions with free demo or trial version. Download free demo version of MBOX Converter software to convert MBOX files into PST format. It supports MBOX/MBX files created by all popular email client applications (aforementioned). Via this software, you can convert MBOX files even if they are corrupt, i.e. not in valid state. At a time, you can convert single as well as multiple MBOX files.


    Get the all in one solution MBOX to PST Converter to export entire MBOX data into PST format in few seconds. It is the simplest method to perform the conversion task to convert MBOX to PST format by keeping all the data in their original structure.

    For More Info: -

    • CommentAuthorJiayua23
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2017 edited
    Try this free tool to convert MBOX to PST file format. Get free here
    • CommentAuthormarkson
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2017
    MBOX to PST Converter tool is a useful tool that helps you to convert MBOX files into MS Outlook PST files with full accuracy help. Download free MBOX to PST Converter software and convert your emails from MBOX Thunderbird to Outlook PST file format.

    For More Details:
    • CommentAuthorFredJ
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2017
    we choose a third party tool over the manual process. the reason being manual work raises the risk factor of losing/corrupting mails. unless and until you are a techie of the administrator level and you have got a plenty of time to spare on these conversions, you shall not opt for the manual processes.
    choosing a third party tool is a good option though, but you need to verify the developer team behind the product.
    I would recommend tools from only that inhibits an in depth experience of 15+ years at handling mail conversion issues successfully. the list of their client is alone sufficient to explain the service of their products.
    they do have a brilliant popular tool for conversion of mbox files to pst as well.
    for more info, you may refer to
    • CommentAuthorqadirasmith
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2017 edited
    MBOX to PST Converter is an astonishing tool which safely converts widely-used MBX or MBOX file to MS Outlook PST File. With this tool, we have added benefit to append new data into an already-used profile or any other PST file. This software keeps the formatting, properties and structure of converted MBOX files into pst file.This conversion utility is compatible with 19 traditional email clients.We recommend to our users to try free version of MBOX to PST Converter software, Trial version allows user to analyze this tool free of cost.

    vISIT AT ;

    • CommentAuthorbrizecruze
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2018
    Import Thunderbird to Outlook 2016. An advance migration solution to convert your mail database from Mbox, Apple Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, Postbox to PST for Outlook for both Mac and Windows. It also comes with free trial version for letting you experience how migration seems using this converter tool. Visit :
    For an easy and quick solution to migrate MBOX file to PST format. You can take help of user-friendly MBOX to PST Converter tool to successfully migrate your all MBOX files created by a number of email clients like Apple Mail, Netscape, Evolution, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Entourage, Postbox, Sylpheed, and etc. into the PST file format.

    Visit at :
    • CommentAuthorbrizecruze
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2018
    Are you seeking for a solution to import your MBOX files to Outlook PST or any other email client, which supports .pst file? Yes!! then you are at correct platform. MBOX to PST Converter is the software, which Convert MBOX to PST file format that will be supported by all its respected email program.
    • CommentAuthorWill Varon
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2018
    If you want the easiest way to convert all Mbox files of different email clients like, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook PST file format, manually convert Mbox file to PST format. This post step by step guide to convert Mbox files to MS Outlook PST format. Using this solution, you can easily fix all types of corruption issue occur in Mbox file and it also gives the accurate conversion result. Free download from here:-
    • CommentAuthorvalexcos
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2018
    • CommentAuthorvalexcos
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2018
    • CommentAuthorvalexcos
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2018
    • CommentAuthorvalexcos
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2018
    • CommentAuthorvalexcos
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2018
    As many e-mail clients use MBOX file format to store their e-mail files so it is essential to perform MBOX to PST conversion for switching to MS Outlook email client. You can checkout this tool from here
    Manual way take time to export data of MBOX file to PST format, so I prefer automated converter tool to convert MBOX file to PST. But to export MBOX to PST user need a reliable software which can convert MBOX files without any data loss. I suggest this software - software will convert entire data of MBOX files & save into PST file.
    • CommentAuthorgamie
    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2018
    As mentioned above there are many solutions for the conversion of MBOX to PST. But here I would like to recommend you another solution named MBOX to PST Converter which safely converts MBOX to PST without tempering any content. MBOX to PST Converter also has a free trial version and good technical support team. Visit for more info :-
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