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    • CommentAuthorfifafine
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2015 edited
    In 2013 join real Madrid for Bell utfifa bottomed out this season, and frequently criticised by the Spanish media, but Manchester united assistant, fellow welsh Ryan Giggs has backed junior, Giggs believes the second season is always hard for a player, he also with Cristiano Ronaldo for example, the Portuguese only three FIFA games without goals will feel the pressure.

    Bell made 22 appearances this season league scoring 10 goals and five assists, data is good, but some of the downturn and handling of the ball FIFA game made Spanish media very unhappy, called it a "catastrophe" for real Madrid, but united assistant Ryan Giggs believes the lack of fair criticism.

    "When you are in a top team has always been to play under the magnifying glass, you can see the level of players like Cristiano Ronaldo, three goals in FIFA game will not be pushed in the forefront. ""Bell's first season played very well, but the second season is difficult for anyone, when you through these difficult times, skill is sublimated to another level. "
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