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    • CommentAuthorgamelover
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2015
    As Neverwinter strongholds have raised the level cap to 70 on xbox one, players would be trying new contents to reach the max level. This guide is for those players who have reached level 60 and try to level and gear up for 70.
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    1. Eperience boosters: It will be cool if you have bought some with Zen Market's 50% off on Cyber Monday, but if not, try to pick up two if don’t want to buy the purple one. Then, hold onto them. They will help you much once you reach level 67-68, when the hard grind really torments you.

    2. Azure enchantments: Slot Azures in your Head, Arms and Feet for extra XP. Since your 60, if you have an artifact belt and cloak, slot Azures there as well.

    3. Eternal set of armor: If you have enough leftover Tyranny of Dragons resources (coins, fangs, etc), you could buy the Eternal set of armor from the Campaign merchant in the Well of Dragons once you hit level 61. If you don't have so many resources, don’t worry then. You will get the gear while leveling to 70, which plus other items you can find on the AH in between then, will be more than enough to carry you to 70.

    4. Quest and storyline: Follow the Elemental Evil campaign and do the vigilance quest cycles in Drowned Shore, Reclamation Rock, Fiery Pit and Spinward Rise. Among these four, Spinward is the only one required it you award you Artifact Main Hand after you complete the storyline there. You will get access around level 66-67. Going through all of the storylines, with enough Azures, will get you to around 67-68 when you finish Spinward. Once there, go back to the Drowned Shore and farm vigilance quests. If you're in a guild you can also add daily quests in the Stronghold for added XP. The daily Seed quests from the tree in the center of Protector's can be done quickly once a day as well.

    5. Relax and have fun: It seriously doesn't take very long to maximize your level (I've done it 5 times). Just remember the higher the Azures, the easier the ride, and ensure you bought Experience Boosters and equip them.

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